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A lot of has been written about the healing power of music, and nearly everyone has a story about a time that music has helped them feel better. Not only does music help heal—it also serves as an outlet for creativity and enjoyment. This post looks at two New York area organizations that focus on volunteering and music. If you are a music lover or a musician, keep reading to see how you can get involved today.

Musicians On Call

In 1999, Michael Solomon and Vivek Tiwary founded Musicians On Call. The organization’s goal is simple: bring music to the bedside of hospital patients. Before creating the organization, both of the founders had lost loved ones to cancer. After Michael’s friend, Kristen Ann Carr, died at 21 years old, her friends and family created the Kristen Ann Carr Fund. The fund hosted a concert at the hospital where Kristen had received treatment. Both Michael and Vivek attended the concert and witnessed how happy the patients were to listen to live music. Afterward, they contacted their musician friends and encouraged them to visit the hospital to play for patients who were too sick to leave their beds.

Today Musicians On Call operates in numerous hospitals across America. You can sign up to volunteer as a musician or a “guide.” If Musicians On Call isn’t located in your area, you can become a Program Champion and bring the organization to your area. Volunteer guides help musicians navigate the hospitals where they perform. The volunteer introduces the musician, makes sure the event runs smoothly, and all hospital protocols and procedures are followed. To learn more about volunteering, visit this site.

Education Through Music

Education Through Music was founded by Edmund Schroeder and Eldon Mayer. The organization currently operates in 48 schools and serves 27,000 students. By making music a core subject at the schools it operates in, Education Through Music believes that students are more engaged in the classroom; they perform better academically, and they have more fun. Education Through Music employs professional music teachers to accomplish its goals and ensure that students receive the best music experience that’s possible. The evaluation page of Education Through Music’s website lists the benefits of music education and details the organization’s impact.

You can help Education Through Music by volunteering or becoming an advocate. The organization especially needs pianists for concerts and rehearsals. There are also opportunities to help out at special events throughout the year. Advocates can help by making their voice heard. Education Through Music has a page that lists the ways that you can get involved. For example, you can contact your New York City Council member and encourage them to support music in schools.

While this post focuses on just two organizations, there are many other local and national organizations that focus on helping children and disadvantaged populations through music. Many homeless advocacy groups, for example, would be happy to host a musician who wants to share his or her music.