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Today there is an app for everything. This includes giving to charity. If you’re a fan of technology and giving back, take a look at the below apps.


Instead promotes the idea of “micro-philanthropy challenges.” The app encourages users to change their buying behavior and donate the money that they save in the process. For example, instead of buying a coffee the app asks you to commit to brewing coffee at home. Then you donate $3.00 to charity via the app. Using the app is an easy way for friends of ever workplaces to set charity goals. If every employee agrees to bring their lunch to work one day a week and donate $5, a company can quickly reach a charity goal. Visit the app’s official website to learn more.

Charity Miles

Charity miles combines exercise and giving back. The app helps individuals connect with corporate sponsors that want to donate money to different causes. By using your phone’s GPS, the app can determine how far you walk/run/ride. The farther you go, the more money is donated to charity. You also have the option of picking which charity receives the funds that you earn from exercise. The app features thirty-seven different charities including Feeding America, World Wildlife Fund, and ASPCA. If you have a fitness friend or a group you exercise with, the app gives you the option to form a team. This feature allows you to record more miles and donate more money. There is also a leaderboard that shows which teams have recorded the most miles. Learn more about Charity Miles.

One Today

One Today makes it easy to users to donate $1.00 to a number of different charities. Each day the app displays a list of different charities, their goals, and what a $1 donation will do for their cause. For example, World Food Program USA asks users to donate $1 to provide 4 meals to hungry children. After you donate you can spread the world via social media like Twitter and Facebook. The app makes it easy for users to tally up their total yearly contributions so tax-planning isn’t an issue.

Donate a Photo

Who doesn’t like selfies? Donate a Photo takes people’s love of selfies and harnesses it for good. The app is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson which curates a list of causes that you can contribute to. When you share a photo on the app, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to the cause that you selected. Users are allowed to add one photo to one cause each day. Every cause has a donation goal. If enough people submit pictures to the cause, Johnson & Johnson donates the money. Otherwise, the company gives a minimum donation. Visit Donate a Photo to get started.