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Since 1992, Make A Difference Day has taken place each year on the fourth Saturday of October. This year it takes place on October 22. Make A Difference Day is one of the largest days of service that occur in the US. The Make A Difference Day website features resources to help you get started. On the website you can search for volunteer events in your area, or you can create your own event and attract other volunteers.

If you sign up through the official website, your volunteer group is eligible to receive an award. Each year fourteen honorees are chosen to receive award money. The reward money is then donate to a charity of the honoree’s choice. If the website doesn’t list any events in your area, don’t worry! Below are some ideas on how you can make a difference on Make A Difference Day.

Park Cleanup

Cleaning a local park is an easy way to make a difference in your community. This activity is especially suited for nature lovers. Today many local governments have reduced operational budgets, and they cannot afford to properly take care of their green spaces. You can help out by picking up trash, painting, pulling weeds, or raking leaves.


Holding a fundraiser is another great way to make a difference. You can raise money for a number of causes, such as a shelter, a local religious organization, or a senior center. You can even collect goods, such as canned items or clothes, and donate them to a specific organization in your area. Holding an event like a marathon or a dinner is another fundraising idea. Participants can pay to participate, and the money can be donated to charity.

Volunteer On Your Own

You don’t have to lead an event or join a group to make a difference. Volunteering at a local organization is another way to give back. For example, you can spend time at an animal shelter, serve food to the homeless, or volunteer at a local library. If there is an organization that you’ve always been interested in, like Big Brothers Big Sisters, for example, then Make A Difference Day is the day that you should finally sign up. Small gestures count as well. You can make a difference just by taking out your neighbor’s trash or raking their leaves.

Just One Day?

Keep in mind that registration is not required in order to participate in Make A Difference Day. The most important thing is just that you volunteer or give back in some way to your community. If you have never volunteered before, Make A Difference Day is the best day to get started. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy giving back so much that you decide to make volunteering a regular part of your life and not just something you do one day out of the year.