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Ryan Hemphill

A Committed Philanthropist
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About Ryan Hemphill

Ryan Hemphill is a successful Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive based in New York City. With his current firm, Ryan helps manage a diverse portfolio of industries that includes, among others, international real estate development projects, investment-quality fine art funds, fuel cells & other green energy initiatives in both the public and private sector, emerging technology/startup capitalization and coordinated health and preventative care solutions for large US corporations.
Although his career is demanding, Ryan commits a great deal of his time to giving back to the community. Throughout his life, Ryan Hemphill has been a dedicated member of numerous community service organizations and goodwill efforts.

Arts & Music

Philanthropy Overseas

Public Advocate

Future Endeavors

Arts & Music
Passionate about in the arts, Ryan Hemphill is committed to helping educate others on the importance of art and music programs. In 2009, Ryan coordinated and directed the Bronx Opera Children’s Program. This program showcases excerpts from the latest Bronx Opera production for schoolchildren 5-15 years old. The program provides reduced-admission vouchers for the children’s families so that they can attend the Bronx Opera season performances throughout the year as well.


Ryan Hemphill believes that providing easier access to these performances opens up children to the diverse set of opportunities that the arts provide.  As a former Artistic & Stage Director at Bat Country Productions in New York – a theater company he co-founded in 2005 –  Ryan is familiar with just how meaningful creative and artistic pursuits can be.  He has fond memories of his time spent working off-broadway and attending Hofstra University, where he earned degrees in both Drama and Philosophy.  Accordingly, he wants to ensure that children of all ages have access to similar opportunities for generations to come.

Ryan Hemphill has also performed volunteer work for other arts and education organizations here in New York City.  Most recently, Ryan has performed volunteer service work for NutureArt, a Brooklyn-based art nonprofit and educational center.  Located in Bushwick, NurtureArt is committed to nurturing new contemporary art and artists by providing opportunities for exhibition and other resources for curators, emerging artists and public school students.  By partnering with public schools and other related nonprofits, NurtureArt provides opportunities for curatorial and artistic collaborations for children of all ages while enriching understanding of contemporary art for a diverse public population.

Philanthropy Overseas

While working at the United Nations, Ryan Hemphill served as Youth Ambassador to the Voices of African Mothers, an NGO founded by Nana Fosu-Randall, the former CFO of UN Peacekeeping.  There, he helped initiate the development of a school for young women in Ghana.  VAM believes that women’s education and empowerment are fundamental to the development of African nations. The people of Africa believe in the values of open, inalienable human rights, and wish to lift future generations out of sickness, poverty, and war.


Public Advocate
Ryan Hemphill argued as an advocate before the Town of North Hempstead Board of Zoning and Appeals to restore a 47-year old family business that had fallen victim to spot zoning by the housing department. He generated a great deal of public interest through campaigns with different news media outlets, while operating as the lead proponent and public figurehead for the cause.  


Future Endeavors
Ryan Hemphill is currently in the process of establishing the Open Road Foundation, a small nonprofit organization committed to providing injured veterans with handicapped-accessible classic American vehicles.  Few things encompass the ideals of the classic Americana that so many of our veterans have fought to preserve than the famed pony and muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s.  As such, when our injured veterans return from overseas in need of handicap-accessible vehicles, the Open Road Foundation seeks to outfit them with the convenience they need in a classic American package they can enjoy with their families.  Just because our Veterans suffered physical injury in the field of battle doesn’t mean that they must be relegated to a minivan.  With the help of our strategic partners in the automotive and engineering sector(s), Ryan Hemphill’s Open Road Foundation seeks to pair today’s American Heroes with yesterday’s American Icons of the Open Road.


A car fanatic himself, Ryan is excited about this opportunity to provide classic cars to veterans who are passionate about the vehicles they drive. The goal is to source classic cars, have them fitted to accommodate various handicaps, and pair them with eligible candidates so that they can continue to enjoy the muscle car experience.  Using local VA networks, our nationwide search of eligible veterans will seek either veterans whom have been injured in service to their country or have handicapped children and require the use of a handicap-accessible vehicle.  


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