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When it comes to philanthropy, American philanthropists receive a lot of press. People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are two of the most famous American philanthropists in the world. However, there are philanthropists all over the world who are making a difference through various organizations. This post focuses on the British philanthropists in particular. To learn more about the top British philanthropists in the world, take a look below.

Top British Philanthropists

  • Sir Tom Hunter – Sir Tom Hunter has contributed £100m to charity. He supports the Hunter Foundation, as well as Scottish educational programs and overseas youth projects.
  • Cristopher Hihn – Cristopher Hihn has contributed £236.8m to charity. He supports the Clinton Foundation for the orphans in Malawi with HIV/Aids. He also supports emergency assistance to places like Darfur and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation.
  • Lord Sainsbury – Lord Sainsbury has contributed  £233.8m to charity. He supports the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, which is an organization that gives grants to support education in the fields of science, arts, and medicine.
  • Peter Cruddas – Peter Cruddas has contributed over £100 to charities that support education and youth-based programs.
  • David and Heather Stevens – This pair has contributed £100m to charities that support the environment, the welfare of children, and medical needs.
  • George Weston – George Weston has contributed  £97m to charity. He has used his wealth to support churches, housing corporations, and youth groups. The youth groups he supports get allowances from the Garfield Weston Foundation.
  • Anthony d’Offay – Anthony d’Offay supports education in arts and national heritage. He has contributed £97m to charity.
  • Jonah Eliasch –  Jonah Eliasch has contributed £100m to charities that support the environment and autism research. He is also a big supporter of the Shimon Peres Foundation.
  • Sir Ian Wood – Sir Ian Wood has contributed £100m to charities that support the Wood Family Trust, Scottish youth projects, and economic growth projects in developing countries.
  • Bob Edmiston – Bob Edmiston has contributed £100m to charity. He founded his own charitable organization called Christian Vision and education. Also, the profits from his companies go towards funding new schools in the Midlands.

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